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  1. i wish loki was undetectable that looked like it would be so fun
  2. rip will anything similiar and undetected ever be made again or is that it :C
  3. REEEEEEEEEE i got kicked for clientside execution using loki, is there any way avoiding this that or something i didnt do or is it that it already got patched on some servers
  4. lol jk this hack is fkn shit odium 4 life jk
  5. zoop


  6. zoop

    CHM91 Cheat Update 7

    CH is flippin sick now
  7. zoop

    bing front page pls

    pornhub front page pls cuz this made me cum
  8. zoop

    I'm a fuck ass kid

    nice testicle
  9. zoop

    Updated Review

    Yeah the aimbot does need some improvements specially because it's not great in hvh. Nice review
  10. zoop

    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 4

    heckl yah now all we need is client side noclip
  11. zoop

    good shit

    idk if i made this before but this some good shit