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    Our Reliability

    Garry's Mod Hack

    Undetected for over 1590 days.

    Our Garry's Mod hack is the only cheat in Garry's Mod which is able to 100% clear all anti-cheat methods available on the market. Our number one priority is to ensure none of our Citizens are caught by the evil server owners and we will battle day and night to ensure a swift victory.

    Team Fortress 2 Hack

    Undetected for over 1451 days.

    Our Team Fortress 2 hack has been slowly growing and developing over the years and has been a good compliment on our main Garry's Mod hack, we provide a very competitive price point and great support for our TF2 clientbase.

    Gmod Hack Preview

    Garry's Mod Features

    Perfect Screenshot CleanerReturn clean screenshots to servers, we support all known screenshot methods. Undetected by VAC Undetected by CAC Undetected by GAC Undetected by QAC Undetected by ServerGuard
    No RecoilNo kickback from weapons. No SpreadGive your weapon the accuracy of a sniper. Next TargetInstantly move to your next target when aimbotting. (rage) Hit ScanAutomatically find the next best area to shoot on a player when your aim area is not visible. Smart TargettingBe more discreet by using our recommended, safe targetting methods. AutoshootAutomatically fire/attack your weapon when aimbotting. Aim FOVSet your maximum aimbot view angles. SmoothingBe more discreet by creating more natural aimbot movements.
    Entity SavingSearch, Save & Color entities to your ESP. FontsChange the font size and font family displayed on your ESP. ChamsChoose from 5 different player cham options. Player GlowDisplay a colored glow around players silhouette's. Player BeamsDisplay a colored beam where the player is looking from. Weapon ChamsChoose from 5 different player cham options Render distanceModify ESP/Names/Entity/Beams render distance. Color OptionsCustomize player/friend/weapon colors in your ESP. Player Names (Text)Display DarkRP/steam names of players. Player Health (Text)Display what health a player has. Team/Job (Text)Display Team/Job names in your ESP Current Weapon (Text)Display DarkRP/Steam names of players Weapon List (Text)Display what weapons a player has on them. RP Names (Text)Display DarkRP names instead of Steam names.
    Key Features
    gLua LoaderLoad gLua with the security of our anti-cheat and screenshot bypass. Silent AimNo clientside aimbot snapping. Clientside NoclipClientside free cam instantly, returns original player position in screenshots. Spectator ListGet notified when someone is spectating you. Keypad StealerAutomatically capture ingame keypad codes as players type in codes. Cloud SavingNever lose your settings with our web-based cloud based menu.
    Steam FriendsAutomatically add steam friends to your aimbot whitelist. Steam IDAdd friend's SteamIDs to your aimbot whitelist. Same TeamAutomatically add teammates to your aimbot whitelist.
    AutostrafeAutomatically gain momentum when bhopping. Safe modeLegit Bhop mode.

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