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Client Download

Extract the to folder e.g. Desktop and run the client before launching your game in x64.

After launching and joining a single player session or server, you can press [insert] to open the menu or visit the link below.

Get Client & Menu Access

Get Client & Menu Access

Setup Instructions

  1. Download client
  2. Extract client.exe to folder (e.g. desktop)
  3. Run client.exe
  4. Enter login details (same as website)
  5. Launch gmod with x64/build or binaries in garry's mod properties (also window mode is good idea) -windowed in launch options
  6. After a few seconds check your client (alt tab) to see if it has injected
  7. Your client should look something like this
  8. Join single player or a server
  9. Press [insert] or open config menu above
  10. Make changes & press Save
  11. Done!


If your client is not running or injecting properly, try these steps

  1. Visit "Virus & threat protection" in Windows search
  2. Click "Manage settings" under "Virus & threat protection settings"
  3. Disable Real-time protection (this often prevents our client from injecting into the gmod application)
  4. Email us if any other issues occur.