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  1. Pudikoven

    How does dis work

    I never asked anyone to buy me the hack in this post did I?
  2. Pudikoven

    How does dis work

    with what? Commenting on posts?
  3. Pudikoven

    How does dis work

    I wish I had the hacks!
  4. Pudikoven

    Allowed to transfer?

    Aaah, shit.. I heard something about you can use account on another PC/IP 24h after the previous login, is that correct?
  5. Pudikoven

    CHM88 Garry's Mod Update 3

    Good job, Citizen team!
  6. Pudikoven

    Allowed to transfer?

    Hello, Citizens! I am wondering. If my friend wants me to give me his account, but I think I might get scammed because he still has the account email and such. If we both agree to it, are you guys allowed to transfer the access from his account to my account? Also, if you're not. Am I allowed to use his account on my PC or does that count as sharing account? Regards, Pudi.
  7. Pudikoven

    Could I have a few hours Trial?

    How do I use the hacks?
  8. Yo, whats up boys! I have been playing GMod for many, many hours. And my friend told me he got a trial on here so I thought, i'll try aswell. I've planned to buy the Access but I don't know if its broken and such. So hopefully, i'll have a trial on just a few hours just to try it out? If it's really good, which i'll check. I'll gladly buy it. Also, if I now recieve the Trial, how do I use it? I heard something about using the browser to launch the hacks or something similar.