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    First launch, cool little main menu screen The cheat is very easy to access with cool stuff to use ESP has lots of variety which is great AimBot is honestly amazing, I can laser people in the head with the silent aim. The friend system is REALLY good, but there is one problem I have, my friends aren't lit up green or whatever color I set them to. The aimbot doesnt target them so its still great but I'd like a fix for that because seeing them in a different color would be nice. The bhop is also REALLY good as well as the autostrafer. Safe mode may not work too well on some servers but that isn't too much of a problem honestly. As for everything else (entities etc) those are great too, I haven't had much time but I like being able to look at props and see the names, that will probably be useful. Great cheat overall I recommend. EDIT: The friends ESP color thing is working now, I just had to actually change the color for it to work I guess. So other than that this cheat is perfect.