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    CHM89 Release

    I disagree, apoona helped me out a lot yesterday, they're all quite good at taking care of issues as a team.
  2. Dignified

    CHM89 Release

    I really do appreciate how active the development and support is.
  3. Dignified

    CitizenHack As a Whole & Encounters w/ Server Admins

    Thanks for the reply! I can't wait to see the new features implemented, definitely interested in helping out any way I can.
  4. Dignified

    CitizenHack As a Whole & Encounters w/ Server Admins

    It's definitely been a great experience so far, can't wait to see what the future entails with this product and the others to come. :)
  5. Dignified

    CitizenHack As a Whole & Encounters w/ Server Admins

    Thank you kindly, good sir. ;)
  6. Citizen is overall a fantastic product. I've been using it for about a week so far on a multitude of Servers and many Gamemodes. Not once has the hack itself been broken, after countless Protections from Screenshots and loads of Admin Spectates, I've only been more and more assured that Citizen is definitely One of, if not the best, undetectable C++ Hack to date. Is it really Undetectable? Yes, the hack itself is undetectable. The only way you're going to get caught is up to your own ability to mask the hack. (ie: Making obvious flick movements, watching players through walls, etc.) They won't see anything you see onscreen (Such as your ESP, Player names, Skeletons, etc.). To mitigate this, you can always disable No Spread and No Recoil, as well as the Live Map feature (Added to the Misc Category). Silent Aim has also seemed to help quite a deal. How is the Aimbot? The Aimbot is exactly what you'd want or expect from it. Minus server latency and issues with servers and their weapon packs themselves, it gets the job done way above standards. There's many customizeable options for it so you can feel the most comfortable with your setup. I recommend not setting it to aim at the Head, as it can miss slightly due to models being bent over and such. I find the most success with the Chin or Neck. Also, to help mitigate any risks with it, lowering the FOV or the Aimbot (The cone of which it will snap to or shoot a target) to about 10 to 20. What is the ESP Like? It's very useful and has a lot of customizeable features as well. From showing Player Outlines, Model Skeletons, Player Names, Health, and Teams, and even Weapons they have. You can customize the font and the size which it displays, as well as how close or far away they will be before their name or outline is displayed to you. Definitely a great use. This itself can grant you a great advantage on any Server. Is the BHOP Feature Good/Detectable? As Stated in many posts before, if you don't have all of the boxes ticked, you WILL get kicked by CAC for about 6 or more continuous BHOPs. However, this feature still works and is quite well once you get the hang of it. It's definitely way less strenuous as regular BHOPing. Do You Recommend This Product? If you're interested in simply messing around, or even using it to get an edge or remain competitive, I absolutely recommend it for any user. I'm 100% happy with my purchase and can't wait to assist anyone on the forums, or the CitizenHack team itself. I know I didn't provide an explanation about everything (There's quite a lot to cover all at once), so IF you have any other questions, feel free to comment on this Thread, or send me a PM. Stay Classy Citizens, - Dignified