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  1. Good job my man! No more alt accounts!
  2. IceCold

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    I'll do this for a living.
  3. IceCold

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    People do buy GmodZ banks, because they're lazy enough to find stuff themselves.
  4. IceCold

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    Haha, mate. I started playing when Obelisk first came out, which happened years ago. I sold my bank on Obelisk then XMP started, earned a few things which I sold to a racist mod, Smallk0k and then I earned that while I had citizentrial. And why call people "little bitches", when you're probably a little child, trying to act tough..?
  5. IceCold

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    Do you know how people play on that server? People bring out scouts, 100 painkillers everytime, try to reach Safezone and dies. Play for 1 day straight and you'll see.
  6. IceCold

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    GmodZ Bank ;) This is my bank before I got banned That's like 20$ lost and what I earnt in 1 day Geegeee Banned for "Anti-SG / hacking" lol
  7. IceCold


    And I need a Runescape x4000 xp boost hack. +support
  8. IceCold

    i made an intro thing for u guys

    Looks dope man!
  9. IceCold

    Need Help

    Zarp TTT has a anticheat, even against Citizenhack. One of their community manager, Tyler Durden, made a script which automatically bans you when you join. (TTT)
  10. IceCold

    Live Maps Update