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  1. As long as the hooks used for the menu etc are on the wiki
  2. Hello, I've only used the cheat for about 5 - 8 hours now. I know haven't been using it long, but I usually use AIMWARE's gmod cheat as I usually HvH on CSGO and had their master package life time but I tried this out and am in love with it. Even though its not for HvH the ESP and Aimbot for causing chaos on servers. Anyway here is my testimonial: Aimbot: 9/10 The aimbot is great I've had a few problems with it but were fixed with me just playing with the settings. The only downside is the "Smooth" option doesn't really "Smooth" it well could be better to make it look more legit. The smooth still locks on to the target and snaps even with the smooth max/low I don't know for some reason a smooth of 1 has more snapping I don't know if the smooth works like a "Legit Bot" on CS:GO / other games I have cheated on. The whitelisting on the cheat is a great feature allowing you to ignore friends on gamemodes that you need to like DarkRP. ESP: 10/10 The ESP is great, being able to whitelist entities is amazing. Being able to change the font and text size is great for when you are on servers with many people to keep your screen from being clustered. MISC Entity On Crosshair / Freecam (ClientSide NoClip): 10/10 The "misc" features are useful for DarkRP allowing you to see into bases and easier get entity names to whitelist on the ESP. BHOP: 10/10 The autostrafer gets you faster speed than any other cheat I have used before. I would love to see this autostrafer in a CS:GO HvH cheat. Keypad Code "Stealer": 10/10 Although it doesn't 100% give you the code sometimes its a great feature. I just sat on a server for an hour running around "guessing" people's keypad codes. Even if you don't get the right code from it most of the time its the first few digits allowing you to guess it if you really want into that base. xD Web GUI: 9/10 Think its a great idea being on the web probably reasons to it but Its great and different from other cheats I have used. Only thing is it takes a little before the feature is enabled but is expected not being an internal GUI. Overall: 10/10