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    NPC Targetting

    add fucking clientside noclip plis
  2. Minzent

    Loving it

    Why blacky?
  3. Minzent

    Citizen Hack in a nutshell

    Nice shit brother
  4. Minzent

    Forum Update #3

    ETA on more payment methods? PLSSS
  5. Minzent


    Thx very much
  6. Minzent


    Is this a yes?
  7. Minzent


    Does theESP also work on prophunt to show props? so players which are the prop?
  8. Minzent

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    Haha, i hacked on the same server @Abslance
  9. Minzent

    Fuck this is real shit

    Damn holy shit? The hack is god. Aimbot 8/10 ➤ Hits better than Allah himself ➤ Misses sometimes, makes me depressive ESP 9.5/10 ➤ Shows perfect, looks sexy ➤ Max Distance Setting and Chams Distance is missing :( Total 9/11 ➤ Great hack, nobody can beat ya' with it (expect other Citizen User lol) ➤ More Feature Customization would be great!
  10. Minzent

    Forum Update #3

    Yeah! Mint is a very good alternative. Just take paymentwall and MINT, its possible to buy cheap MiNt Cards with PSC on stores like offgamers. Fees are $1 for me, but idgaf
  11. Minzent

    Forum Update #3

    Any ETA on PaySafeCard? @Finesser