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    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 2

    RIP CITIZEN BLOCK 3/17/2017-3/17/2017 THIS 200$ ANTI CHEAT IS NOW USELESS JUST LIKE ALL OTHER ANTI-CHEATS. lmao what a bunch of idiots.
  2. Sarmale

    honest review of ch

    Glad you're enjoying Citizen!
  3. Sarmale

    Allowed to transfer?

    Oh look, I found Tyler/Other ZARP member
  4. Sarmale

    Moving pcs

  5. Sarmale

    Garrys mod hack Presale

    Don't mind getting the trial, you'll love the hack anyway, just buy the life time client before it's going to cost more. Citizen never disappoints me.
  6. Sarmale

    CHM88 Update

    I love the new menu
  7. Sarmale

    Major Server Maintenance

    The new menu looks sick can't wait to use it ;D
  8. Sarmale

    TF2 Hacking |

    Can't wait for it ^
  9. Sarmale

    this hack is so fucking lit fam

    The wallhack, and aimbot, can't choose
  10. 10/10 thanks for this