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  1. Aimbot: 9/10 By far one of the best aimbots I've seen in GMod, extremely accurate at high ping & low fps and never ceases to amaze me. Visuals: 9.5/10 Extremely good visuals, may cause FPS lag but that can be fixed with the distance of Name and Entity ESP edited, alot of options for ESP especially if you prefer skeleton, chams, fullbright cham ect. Bhop: 10/10 Can't really go wrong with Bhop. Misc/Detection: 10/10 Only ever been manually banned with this hack and that was when I was being blatant. Hardly even need to setup a really legit config unless the admins are REALLY strict. Hack is never down for long and if it is its for your own safety, you'll probably never get CAC banned so enjoy it :)
  2. RoflLMAO

    Forum Two Step Authentication

    true i didnt think about that
  3. RoflLMAO

    How good is it?

    We don't call it the pHake for no reason ;^)
  4. RoflLMAO

    Citizen hack is shit and i'll tell you why

    -999 days of subsraptionz for clikbeit
  5. RoflLMAO

    Forum Two Step Authentication

    my 20 char pw with randomized capitals and non capitals with numbers will be safe on its own ;^) k
  6. RoflLMAO

    Citizenhack > all

    wtf gimme ur build
  7. RoflLMAO

    I made a dank video for citizen ez

    Any strayan servers? And does this gamemode have cancer killcams?
  8. RoflLMAO (Ad)

    Their house would of burnt down already, your pity is worthless to them.
  9. RoflLMAO

    Forum Update #2

    yeeet formatme man.
  10. RoflLMAO (Ad)

    While you're at it chuck us some fps aswell, I want to record gameplay but im constantly at 15 fps.
  11. RoflLMAO

    HWID Update

    peh 1 hunnid
  12. RoflLMAO

    Raging w/ Citizen Hack

    Yee the good ole spam. Love doing that.
  13. RoflLMAO

    Citizen Hack vs Aimware

    p100 citizenhack memes So true AW is so fucking shit fullstop.
  14. RoflLMAO

    Live streaming with citizen!

    What a legend hah