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  1. Dragxon

    Gmod x64 Support

    Stuck on ''Loading...'' , got all the packages, running everything in admin, anti virus off.
  2. Dragxon

    Citizen Protection

    their gui looks DISGUSTING
  3. Dragxon

    irl 1 tap by citizen

    so what does it show for them? a snap?
  4. Dragxon

    irl 1 tap by citizen

    i haven't used the silentaim, is it bait when you're being spectated? (guessing it's silent aim)
  5. Dragxon

    Major Server Maintenance

    The menu looks sleek AF.
  6. Dragxon

    TF2 Final Beta Remarks

    It was amazing to be able to test this. Is there any planned release-date yet? Surely going to buy it!