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  1. is it just broken on some servers? or most servers
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    Citizen Drama

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    Citizen Drama

    how do we use this myth x stuff
  4. someone link me to some luas ill rape your dad
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    another honest opinion/review

    3/5 So to start off, i've used many diff hacks in the past like many of you here. I came across these montage style videos on youtube and eventually bought CH because it was cac undetected. this hack is the if not one of the most safe hacks out there. aside from that and a somewhat sleek GUI (in comparison to others) thats all that can be said. IMO there are free hacks out there with better performance as far as aimbotting, wallhacks, and bhopping are concerned. The reason I say this is because CH makes you feel like youre using a great hack until another hacker comes on. I know that this isn't a HVH leaning hack, but the existence of the other hacks just means there ARE other undetected hacks with superior angles. Some are private and some are free but all are "faster" than CH. The only thing CH has on other hacks is complete invisibility. So is this worth 20$? Not in my eyes but thats because i've already started using another hack due to the crazy customization options it has. also its free and i wont get raped by other hackers lol!
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    CHM87 Release

    me me me. im tired of using this outdated dll hack i habe for tf2