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  1. unwanted

    CHM94 Client Release

    Can you relax
  2. unwanted

    Roqj at Home Episode 1

    hmm i have an idea... why don't you use citizenhack's plugin system code your own lua aimbot, nospread and no recoil. ez fix
  3. unwanted

    CHM94 Client Release

    Props need to install, Microsoft Visuals c++ 2010 Redistributable Jump on discord for latest updates or to keep in touch with whats going on.
  4. unwanted

    CHM94 Client Release

    nice work net.Start net.WriteString
  5. unwanted

    The TF2 Massacre

    slaaaaaughter... hahah nice 1
  6. unwanted

    this hack is so fucking lit fam

    Thanks for your input. I've got to say i don't mind blasting people away with aim bot myself.
  7. unwanted

    Citizen Hack Team Fortress 2 Hack Beta #3

    Once again nice video man keep up the good work!
  8. unwanted

    Stronghold Hacking with Citizen Hack

    +1 nice vid bruva
  9. unwanted

    How good is it?

    @Mytic X Toxic For $6 bucks you don't even need to question anything... buy it test it and you will not be let down by the citizens... trust me and lets not even get into the $20 lifetime.......
  10. unwanted

    Forum Two Step Authentication

    Nothing is impossible....
  11. unwanted

    CitizenHack.me (Ad)

  12. unwanted

    Forum Update #2

    Nice work man. Keep it up! and i fucking love the aus emoticon
  13. Good work man keep it up!
  14. unwanted

    CitizenHack.me (Ad)

    lmao how much you need bro i got to hook up
  15. unwanted

    HWID Update

    Yeah but it needs to be done man because we have idiots that abuse the subscriptions and they wreck it for the rest of us, or people that the parents are devoured or people in your situation. And if people are abusing it that means our dev's suffer witch means no more cheats!!!
  16. unwanted

    HWID Update

    There gonna have to sort something out for you man or your gonna have to just buy it on the one pc.
  17. unwanted

    HWID Update

    Some salty little kid aren't you.
  18. unwanted

    CitizenHack.me (Ad)

    One, because i'm an active user.. Two, i just logged on. Three, whats the problem? ether go to work and get off your phone or get off your phone in school simple.
  19. unwanted

    CitizenHack.me (Ad)

    I can chip in with giving some fps to old mate...
  20. unwanted

    CitizenHack.me (Ad)

    haha feels bad.
  21. unwanted

    HWID Update

    yeah ? how bow dat 1v1 gmod citizen nerd EDIT* This was a joke for people who don't understand
  22. unwanted

    HWID Update

    I'm chill as fuck bro just came back in side from a chop
  23. unwanted

    HWID Update

    Yeah but all i was trying to say was.. why do we have to use the same system as every other cunt, lets be better! lets make something that can do just more than hardware lock, i was not trying to change the choice of the Hardware Lock system i just wanted every one to use there brain. HAPPY HACKING!
  24. unwanted

    HWID Update

    Learn how to read?