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  1. pMemer

    Citizen Plugins - gLua Loader

    Nice work as always Grampa.
  2. pMemer

    this cheat sucks dick v2

    You have been click baited my dude ;^) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aimbot (10/10) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The aimbot is one of the best features in the cheat. Both rage and legit features that come with the aimbots and its really easy to configure so it makes for fast config making. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visuals (10/10) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visuals in the cheat are perfect and can be easily customized to your liking with editing the font to changing the colors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misc (10/10) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing much in the misc tab most of the features are disabled but when they were enabled they were pretty good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall (10/10) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This cheat is one of the best and i'd suggest it if you're thinking about buying it. It's 100% UD from most if not all anti-cheats if it ever does get broken its patched pretty quickly. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. pMemer

    Massacre Footage

    please take this video down
  4. pMemer

    CitizenHack - Hypnotize

    OPen up your Garry's Mod console (not cheats) then type bind n "say | Best cac bypass" -- when you press n it will say that
  5. pMemer

    CitizenHack - Hypnotize

    bind key "say | Best cac bypass"
  6. pMemer

    CHM88 Garry's Mod Update 3

    lol its possible to have admin esp lol
  7. pMemer

    Citizen Hack Review

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aimbot (Score: 10/10) The aimbot is the best after recent updates its gotten better. Using no spread & recoil makes the aimbot one of the best. (legit) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visuals (Score: 9/10) The visuals may be good and all but can be buggy at times if you move your mouse really fast the visuals seem to move meaning they're not staying in place they can also go of players somtimes (skeleton) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - thats really it these are the main things in the cheat the rest is just boring stuff that no one is really interested in.
  8. pMemer

    Garrys mod hack Presale ayy lmao xd (its a lua one but citizenhack's is 102002203910231317893749174981749134 times better)
  9. pMemer


  10. Aimbot : 10/10 (best aimbot in the world Visuals: 10/10 (Custom so you can set it to your liking) Misc (nothing much :^)) Overall: 10/10 best hake
  11. pMemer

    HWID Update

    Think before you post as I stated above. HWID is the best for keeping player's from multi accounting. I dont think there is a need for a new lock system honestly, sounds sort of dumb knowing all huge cheat providers use it as a form of anti multi accounting.