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    CS:GO Cheat Announcement

    oh okay then, sure. just offering my help, since I do not care for my csgo at all.
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    Yes yes, I know your normally don't do trials anymore. However, since I'm poor as fuck right now, I'd like if an exception could be made? A 1-day trial would suffice, I just want to test out it's key functionalities, and see if my favourite server will ban me for it. If I'm not getting banned during my trial, I'll gladly buy the lifetime version. Thanks in advance, Bvan.
  4. bvanhaaren

    CS:GO Cheat Announcement

    If you are looking for a beta tester; hit me up. I don't play that stupid ass game anyways, so I wouldn't care if I'd be banned for it.
  5. bvanhaaren

    Counterstrike: GO, other games

    Hey, Will this hack work only for gmod? Will it work on other games that are based on source too? Also, once released, will we be given access to the CSGO hack or will that be a separate purchase? Cheers.