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    CHM94 Cheat Update 2

    This cheat is admittedly really bad about crashing if you have average or below average internet. I have 20 Mb down and up, and I still crash and lag a ton with it. For some reason, though, a VPN seems to fix a lot of that. I'm not sure why, but it works for me. You'll suffer on ping a bit, but maybe if it helped me, it can help someone else.
  2. Nobody

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    it doesnt even work on most nutscript rp schemas.
  3. Nobody

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    I consider that broken lol. Without no recoil and no spread, a lot of the weapons are inaccurate. There are a lot of ways to fix it, so why not fix it?
  4. Nobody

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    No. It happens whenever nospread and norecoil are on; weapon raised or not. Anytime you shoot.
  5. Nobody

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    >tell us how to improve citizenhack >tell them how to fix nospread and norecoil for clockwork. >deleted post. I seriously hope you're kidding me right now.
  6. Nobody

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    you're not the only one, no. clockwork players have been kinda getting the worst end of it, though.
  7. Nobody

    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 4

    But it's not just Clockwork. It's all of the Nutscript servers too.
  8. Nobody

    CHM89 Release

    yeah, fuck that apoona guy. (jk, i love you.)
  9. Nobody

    Live Maps Update

    I'm on it, but I don't see any maps?
  10. Since this new update, it fixed my only qualm with Citizen, which was the semi-wonky aimbot. I've never been detected with this, and I've had no issues at all with functionality. You guys really do spoil us with this hack. :P Overall, I'd safely call this the best hack out there without a doubt.