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    Very good 9/10

    I Have been using the cheat for just under a month now and it delivers on everything posted here But there are somethings that could be improved on. So I'm going to give a list of all of the features give my opinion on them and anything I think could be improved on/added. Aimbot Opinion: Very good for legit play but lacks in Rage/HvH. Improvement: Smoothing is good but would be better if it didn't snap onto the player and then smooth. A Submenu with Rage/HvH Options. Rating: 8/10 ESP Opinion: Very good but could be more customizable. Improvement: More options like a bar for HP Not text Armour ESP Rating: 9/10 Entity whitelisting Opinion: Very good I can't find anything wrong with it. Improvement: N/A Rating: 10/10 Bhop Opinion: Can't fault it. Improvement: N/A Rating:10/10 Misc Opinion: Keypad stealer works great bit if people hold c when typing in the code it only shows up %10 of the time but works great Improvement: N/A Rating:10/10 Key Binds Opinion: When I reload the console/game the Clientside Noclip says "NOT SET" But the key that I set before the restart still works. Improvement: Fix for ^^^ Rating: 9/10 Friend whitelisting Opinion: Works great but can be annoying getting peoples steam id when you want to ad people. Improvement: Ingame player whitelist Team whitelist Rating:9/10 Config Opinion: Good but could be better Improvement: Dropdown box for saves Rating: 9/10 Plugins/Glua Loder Opinion: Very good never broken. Improvement: Being able to move scripts around instead of deleting them to put one in its place Rating: 9/10 Overall best cheat I have owned would recommend buying.
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    Entity ESP Guide

    I Wasnt going to post this hear but @Roqj said that I should.