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  1. N0tiK

    Forum Update #3

    ahh hell yeh <3
  2. N0tiK

    Forum Update #3

    So you aint gonna fix the report thing? do i need to make another video. lmao
  3. N0tiK

    exiled servers anticheat

    Bad santa was the only guy issuing random bans.
  4. N0tiK

    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Meh ill see if i can fuck around with the webserver hosts.
  5. N0tiK

    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Ya know i could just call up there webhost and threaten them to remove the website due to illegal activity.
  6. N0tiK

    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Lmao who is dumb enough to pay $200 for a anti-cheat just to detect citizenhack. "facepalm"
  7. N0tiK

    I'm not scripting I swear.

    Hey! thats pretty good. Kill me
  8. N0tiK

    Gmod Hacking | The Stronghold Massacre

    ahhh yes very nice i like. 11/10
  9. N0tiK

    Citizenhack.me TF2 Beta | Ambassador Demo

    Remember to eat enemy bullets, it gives you godmode.
  10. N0tiK

    The TF2 Massacre

    a good ass pillow also?
  11. N0tiK

    Live Maps Update

    how can something been posted 1 min ago, make you laugh for the past 5 mins.. niga plz
  12. N0tiK

    Citizen Hack Review

    The esp isnt run exactly through the game, its run through directx making it screenshot free but anyway, thanks for review
  13. N0tiK

    Live Maps Update

    "cough" support rank "cough"
  14. N0tiK

    Live Maps Update

    Why dont you add the names of the users that are using the cheat on the side that has darkrp name also or something like that? it might make server owners check the live server map to check people who are using citizen, but its all around useful.
  15. N0tiK

    Live Maps Update

    awesome job dude, keep up the good work.