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  1. Crator

    Owner of citizen hack was arrested

    this is retarded
  2. Crator

    Citizen Protection

    There wasn't a need to make this, as odium is obviously a trash code, literally what's good about trash like that? eh? WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT IT?! odium take the middle finger.
  3. now my 100% uncrackable password is gonna be 101% safer.
  4. Crator

    Citizen Hack vs Aimware

    That's golden bro, give this man a cookie
  5. Crator


    Damn son NoSpread was added. It says (beta) but it works like a ferrari. Just a warning: It actually works so good it might get you banned, so try to select Body Area (Safe) when using the aimbot
  6. Crator


    Roqj is sexy
  7. Crator


    Wait w0t Research time ..
  8. Crator

    CHM85 Update #2

    My balls dropped.