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    Citizen Protection

    There wasn't a need to make this, as odium is obviously a trash code, literally what's good about trash like that? eh? WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT IT?! odium take the middle finger.
  2. now my 100% uncrackable password is gonna be 101% safer.
  3. Crator

    Citizen Hack vs Aimware

    That's golden bro, give this man a cookie
  4. Crator


    Roqj is sexy
  5. Crator


    Wait w0t Research time ..
  6. Crator


    Damn son NoSpread was added. It says (beta) but it works like a ferrari. Just a warning: It actually works so good it might get you banned, so try to select Body Area (Safe) when using the aimbot
  7. Crator

    CHM85 Update #2

    My balls dropped.