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  1. Grampa

    Gmod x64 Support

    tomorrow i plan to finish the plugin system
  2. Grampa

    Gmod x64 Support

    Auto shoot has been re-enabled
  3. Grampa

    Gmod x64 Support

    Lua stack leak was just fixed, rejoin the server you were having an issue with.
  4. The x64 version of the cheat is now available, restart your client and launch Garry's Mod in x64 mode. We will no longer be supporting 32 bit version of gmod, your client will automatically be updated for support gmod x64. Fixed several possible "detections" with gAC,, Cosmic and any others I could find. All ESP features are fully working. Aimbot is partially functional, smoothing and a few other features are currently disabled. They will be re-enabled very soon, I just need to make a few updates. Plugin system is temporarily disabled. Need to update a few things for x64 support. BHOP is enabled No Recoil, No Spread and AutoShoot are functional
  5. Hello Citizens, This update addresses the major crashing issues users were experiencing caused by our latest update. Fixes Crashing Hotfixes If you are having any issues still, please report any bugs to myself or @Roqj
  6. Odium Development Module Leak Last month we brought you the common Odium lua module files, Today we bring the Odium's Developer Modules to light, these files include powerful exploits which have been carefully protected by the Odium team (Loki), as well as Aegis v2 which is an improved version of their CAC bypass, and a new Acebot. With these exploits leaked and publicly available, we will be seeing a lot of servers patching and attempting to block these exploits, however for the time being, many servers will be open to these exploits. Get The Files Now Also if you are looking to detect Odium, hit me up on the forums or discord for some methods. Also, use these files at your own risk, the source code is public which means anti cheat developers will be trying to detect these scripts. Previews Loki Aegis V2 New Acebot Loki only displays the available exploits on your server. Also, be sure to commit the latest version of Odium at
  7. It is our absolute goal to ensure all of our Citizens are protected. If you haven't already seen our first citizen protection comparison its right here. Screenshot method #1 - Method 1 This method is retarded BigPackets: ^ Dirty, DETECTED obvious Screenshot method #2 - Red box check This method renders a red box before a screenshot. BigPackets: ^ CLEAN, surprisingly Screenshot method #3 - Alternative screenshot This is a alternative screenshot method BigPackets: ^ Dirty, DETECTED (obvious derp) The difference in protection is quite clear, hate to say it but I'm starting to think we're the only ones who take our Citizens protection seriously. KittoniuM's response:
  8. Updated for derma menu screenshot protection
  9. They can see the acebot menu if you have it open, but they can not see the acebot ESP or visuals
  10. I will be automatically protecting derma menus in the next update
  11. use this source for acebot And derma menus are not SS protected atm. Only the cheat visuals are.
  12. This update will release the CHM gLua Loader to all Citizens. I have fixed several bugs reported by our beta users of the CHM gLua Loader, so thank you guys Can confirm Citizen + Odium's Acebot + Smeghack = CAC undetected; Newest CAC Release: NOT ENOUGH [email protected]#! Odium's devs: 1hr after gLua loader release: @Odium Devs; Don't worry I went ahead and fixed your cheat for you. 7/13 Derma Menu protection update:
  13. We are releasing our much anticipated plugin system for Garry's Mod. This system will allow you to load plugins we have authenticated, as well as create your own private plugins, and of course you will be fully protected from screenshots if you use our protected hooks. With this addition we have also created a development wiki to aid in developing plugins: The plugin system is currently in BETA and requires you to request access to it. Message Apoona, Roqj or myself if you wish to use this. Screenshots