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    Physically fit, very rarely sick, and able to meet the demands of a physically demanding job. Has no artistic capability or craft skills at all. Responds to setbacks or adversity with redoubled vigour and enthusiasm. Will never accept that defeat is a foregone conclusion, and inspires others to stay positive and fight on. When ideas are challenged by others, toxic listens to their view politely, but is able to maintain a position firmly and persuasively without aggression. Has a natural flair for jobs involving the use of the hands or hand-tools. Able to cope expertly with intricate detail. toxic habitually plans and sequences own work and that of others. Ensures that objectives are clearly established, and that work is systematically carried out in order to achieve the objectives. Communicates plans clearly to others.
  1. Bolks

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    no, he aint kiddin
  2. Bolks

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    Mabe make an in-game console, really annoying to get out the game to check the console :c