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    CHM88 Garry's Mod Update 3

    I love seeing the fast fix's that you guys do. Whenever someone finds a issue and I hear about the issue its already being worked on. Great work Citizen Team!
  2. Honor

    Citizen Hack Video - oMilez

    Miles Cindric be careful wat u servers u put in that video xd
  3. Honor

    Moving pcs

    Your allowed to change your hardware ID every 24 hours so you should be good if you just wait 24 hours and login on your new computer.
  4. Honor

    TF2 Teaser.

    lmao So many "kill yourself"'s
  5. Honor

    CS:GO Cheat Announcement

    Cant wait for this
  6. We (or just I) have no permission to view that post. Just letting you know.