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    Citizen team..i love you <3

    Previously used a cheat from aimjunkies, and even before that from aimware. and using each one in turn thought that it does not happen better, how I was wrong ... After using everyone, I ended up in a sauna on almost all Russian servers (because I'm Russian). 2 pipelines producing shit, and not cheats. Fortunately I found you, thank you for being a citizenhack <3!
  2. SleNdd

    Citizen team..i love you <3

    I also had this situation ^-^
  3. SleNdd

    Pre-Sales Questions

    I meant that aimjunkiens update your cheat 21 days and all this time it doesn't work. Whether you are failures and long downtime cheat ? Since I for this reason and I want to go to you. They update their cheat 21 days and the question of why for so long they say they found a problem and trying to resolve it.
  4. SleNdd

    Pre-Sales Questions

    1. Question Can you show screenshots of the menu cheat ? I'd like to see him. 2. The attitude of the community How do you feel about community from Russia ? I live in Russia, and because of this, sometimes problems arise. Once after buying the cheat I immediately took a subscription and blocked on the forum cheat due to the fact that I'm Russian. That won't happen here ? 3. Update Want to use your cheat with cheat from aimjunkies as they update their cheat for more than 20 days. It just doesn'T work 80% of their community, and those for whom he works use him without spending your subscription , so I paid for 1 month and used it 3 day and 21 day waiting when he will come again in working condition . 4. Functionality Many have told me that your ESP is highly reduced counter fps, and aim on some weapons ( sniper for example ) induced crooked , above the head for example, and because of this get is simply impossible . Is that so ? if so, are you going to fix it ? 5. Odium What kind of cheat like this, odium ? do you know there are memes, and the Internet on its website in addition to brief information about it is no longer anything . What is this cheat ? ))) sorry for mistakes if they are present. I am Russian and English I'm not very good ..