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    Pre-Sales Questions

    There are screenshots of the menu in the media section of the forums. You will not be blocked as long as you follow the guidelines. If you want to use the cheat with aimjunkies at the same time, we cannot confirm if they will work together. We update pretty regularly. I dont understand #4 Odium was our competition but they are no longer around since we are superior.
  2. Fl0yd

    A thing I made. Its been a while

    I love your videos.
  3. Fl0yd

    buying hax

    Appears you have already bought the cheat, did someone help you?
  4. Fl0yd

    Mac OS

    You cannot run the cheat on linux, you would have to bootcamp windows onto the linux and use the cheat from there. Currently there are no plans to port to linux.
  5. Fl0yd


    Glad to see you enjoy using the cheat.
  6. Fl0yd

    great hack and great support

    Bad cheats not relevant.
  7. Fl0yd


    Sorry, but we stopped offering trials awhile ago.
  8. Fl0yd

    Hyplex vs. Zarp

    Hplex owner calling zarp bad words !!
  9. Fl0yd

    My Review

    Thanks for the review. Cheers to a happy customer.