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  1. apoona

    Citizen Drama

    It's basically an archive of shit that has happened or stuff that was found since the beginning of CHM.
  2. apoona

    Paying with tf2 keys

    We do not accept steam items as a payment towards any of our products.
  3. apoona

    Automatic renewal or is it manual?

    You'd have to renew it manually once the package runs out.
  4. apoona

    Citizen Protection

    +rep @plasma
  5. A patch was pushed that fixes random detections on DayZ servers. You will need to restart your game to receive the latest update.
  6. Fixed Random CAC triggers Features Enabled Keypad stealer DarkRP names We have re-enabled both the keypad stealer and DarkRP names. Random CAC triggers were also fixed in this update and to get the latest version you will have to restart your game.
  7. apoona

    Hyplex 3.1b

  8. apoona

    Live Maps Update

    It shows a picture of a servers map and dots that represent players are overlayed on top. Once it's back up and running you'll be able to watch dozens of servers live on our website.
  9. apoona

    Just some questions

    The traitors entire body won't be covered with color, but you would see a small box around his hip if you added all the entities in the guide.
  10. apoona

    Just some questions

    One - We don't have that as its own feature but if you add 'player' to our entity finder list it will draw a box around all players. Two - We don't have an automatic feature for TTT but there are guides on the forums that allow you to add specific entities that will tell you if someone is a traitor or not. You can add the knife to see who the murderer is in the gamemode Murder. Yes, you can see who is a prop in Prop-Hunt. Three - I personally don't have FPS drops but its all about configuring your settings correctly. Four - We have options to change colors of people based on team color (if you're in DarkRP) or a preference of your choice. You can customize your own friends color but we don't have an option for staff at the moment.