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    Brutally honest opinion.

    experience of my fucking LIFE, got perm banned and got 2 others perm banned on a TTT server, killed about 26 as an inno before I died.
  2. vacfree123

    Brutally honest opinion.

    I've had many issues on zarp, for example when using a majority weapon, the psg, it may take 4-6 shots to even damage somebody, and if I have it set to chest it will take at least 3-5 shots to kill them, considering how close it is to the arm which is 5 hp in damage.
  3. vacfree123

    Brutally honest opinion.

    So, after a while of using citizenhack, I must say it's pretty good; just about everywhere other than zarp. But there is a few issue's, some random lua hack's aimbot works much better than here; kills me before I can lock onto them, I can't lock through walls, unlike them. I understand it's undetectable and all, but the thing about it is that the aimbot is pretty meh, like really meh, it needs some improvements. It didn't work that well on zarp, didn't work well on open santos server's, didn't work well on stronghold, or ttt. I genuinely believe it needs some improvements, if possible. Yes I do have aimbot on head at all time's, because if it's on body you can just get 1 tapped, instead of being able to 1 tap them. It also has issues where it just doesn't lock onto player's, it's quite annoying, also you can't lock onto players through walls, so you're forced to use ESP and cannot record and make it seem like you're good at the game (I know sad, but it's one way to make servers think you aren't hacking) Also on perpheads, it's really easy without hack's, I personally didn't hack on there but I know a dude got banned for hacking and I tapped them with a pistol whilst they ran at me with M4's. ^ There's the evidence of that happening, really though, the guy on the right later that day got banned for hacking. And now I'm banned for probably owning a account, though I didn't hack, clearly showing how scared they are, it's pretty funny.
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    Personally I get no lag from the ESP and I have a pretty cheap computer...
  5. vacfree123

    My honest Opinion V2

    Great to see you enjoying the hack; it's always great to know, also I'm sure that the hack won't shut down any time soon; so yes it is indeed worth the 20$!
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    I'm pretty sure that they don't give out trials anymore; either purchase the 20$ now or buy the 1 week for 7$, though the hack really is worth the 20$ so I'll be assuming you'll be purchasing that soon enough!
  7. vacfree123

    Citizen Plugins - gLua Loader

    Pretty sure citizenhack bypasses sv_allowcslua 0 as it joins the server.
  8. vacfree123

    this shit is fucking EPIC bro

    Aimbot's pretty garbage; sometimes the esp lags but thats about it, also legit the aimbot never headshots for me.
  9. vacfree123


    They will ask you for a "demo" of your game, and if you're obviously hacking you're fucked.
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    I got banned without actually hacking on it.