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  1. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    I made an update yesterday to TF2, and a bunch of things, crashes I'll look into as soon as possible, feel free to reach out to me directly on the forums. I want to resolve some major issues.
  2. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    Yeah, looks like they have done an update. I need to get some time to update and address it.
  3. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    KK, I'm on it rn
  4. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    Made a major update to the TF2. Auto Back Stab(fixed up and added option to MISC) Chams (Material Chams option in visuals) Glow (Glow Chams included as well in visuals) Along with a small amount of bug fixes. Anything guys, lmk.
  5. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    Never going to give up.
  6. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    Well, shit. I should just give up then.
  7. EthanTheGreat

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    May 2nd 2019 Team Fortress 2 Cheat has been recreated. Brand new loader which resolves a lot of underlying problems. This time around, the loader has an improved injector. The injector has a more discrete method. The loader was redesigned to look a lot cooler, with our symbol on the application tab. I also made major back end fixes, including several crashing issues. I can properly record account sharing, which is not allowed. Overall the loader has needed some love. Plans: My plans is to continue providing support for the Team Fortress 2 Cheat and remaster it. Rework UI design Feature improvements: Projectile Aimbot Auto-Backstab option Polishing Aimbot Polishing ESP Working plans may change, but I'm looking forward to getting started. I am willing to continue development for as long as possible. Suggestions? Direct message me.
  8. EthanTheGreat

    Glow ESP

    Some feature Progress.
  9. Team Fortress 2 Beta Access 1.0.0 I'm proud of to announce that today we are opening the doors to our Team Fortress 2 Beta Access, all current CHM customers will be receiving a 50% discount automatically applied to the $30 lifetime store price. Since TF2 Access is Beta, I will be actively providing quick updates which will be applied to your game automatically. Our prerogative is to have optimal performance and stability. We also have an injection tutorial and common issue fixes thread setup for TF2 Access (must have TF2 access to view some pages): Store Link Safety and Security During testing over the past few months, there have been zero VAC incidents, and over-all everything has been going well. I've been hard at work developing this undetected mod, but I'd advise users to consider using an 'alternate account' before proceeding in-game with modification installed, and since TF2 is free, you can easily recreate a brand new account if VAC decides to take action, and not worry about HWID/IP bypassing. Beta Test Group I've been testing with a group of VIP members. Special thanks to all of you who contributed! Beta Testers @plasma @EdgyDel @Flying Spaghetti @c00lguy506 @zilarblue @Trusty @Twizzlezz556 @HipHop @vatrous @Cwuddles Thank you to everyone else who has given me help during the process.
  10. EthanTheGreat

    CHM TF2 Beta Information

    Still a lot left to finish but as of now, it’s been recoded from last time. More optimization’s and greater tracking. Im aiming to compete with our competitors, starting off with beta testing. At this time I’m trying to do quarterly updates to keep the cheat up to par. Feedback is important, so please feel free. I’ll eventually try to write up a list of broken/working features. Thanks
  11. EthanTheGreat

    Goodbye Trials, Hello $1 per day!

    Great, more bang for your buck! :V
  12. EthanTheGreat

    TF2 Final Beta Remarks

    Thank you everyone who has participated in our beta. We recognize everyone who has contributed, and I would like to give thanks to the following people: @Grampa @Roqj @TheDomo @stm @formatme @ikoeverybody @Tusty @Logicsx @triggered @MicrosMinion @fallen @muttdogg @Killeo64 @slmaki112 @LeRoy Gibbs @nippy @plague @Paradox @plasma @saa7879 @Mike @jimmyburns @Flying Spaghetti @Killer1297 @PotatoGod @Dan19981 @tom_hermance @Josen @zer0 @site86 @Moon @Honor @podneydrew @DoKM91AS @MrDealWithIt @Fl0yd @Beat @M_Cindd @Urbeh @LiveMChief @ryan @Turby @Jake Winchester @Kevinf100 @ZeronHD @BlightedHD @xXsquid-meisterXx @totallylegit @gottagofast @Lemontoucan @brandon12262 @AngusBurger
  13. EthanTheGreat


    Aimbot Radius FOV. Outside the circle meaning the aimbot is disabled. Inside the radius it is active.
  14. EthanTheGreat