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  1. The clientside noclip crashes gmod after a few seconds of using it
  2. ronald

    Citizen Drama

    what exactly is this?
  3. like i said, only the lua was leaked. the full odium hack comes with a menu if you're able to get an admin to install a backdoor
  5. idk there's a backdoor menu on the site of odium, guess that's probably not lua so it wasn't leaked
  6. it's good if you can get an admin to install the backdoor but otherwise it's just a generic hack
  7. Is there any recommended lua bypasser? all of the ones I'm seeing on google are 2+ years old
  8. ronald

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Plenty of reasons. Some servers don't just have generic "entity_weapon" and "entity_printer". Some of us don't have a garbage computer. It works fine on Lenny's Scripts anyway.
  9. ronald

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Any information on adding a feature enabling you to whitelist all entities for ESP?
  10. ronald

    VAC Undetectable?

    I've been looking at a lot of videos and have a few friends who use the hack. I've been scripting around on servers quite frequently but soon realized I was running out of servers with sv_allowcslua set to 1 to script on. I figured that I've bought very high-end skins on CS:GO and have purchased VIP perks on other Gmod servers, so I have no financial worries. However, my only fear is a VAC ban or a global Garry's Mod ban of any sort. I'm aware that Garry's Mod VAC bans are seemingly a thing of the past but all I wish for is simple reassurance that I cannot be faced with either type of ban before purchasing the product.