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  1. lua_openscript_cl aegis.lua lua_openscript_cl ironcurtain.lua lua_openscript_cl acebot.lua You will need a something else that will allow you to run client-side lua. I also recommend throwing it in a .cfg and running it like that. Order does matter, Aegis and Ironcurtain are there detours/anti-cheat bypasses.
  2. Kevinf100

    Citizen Protection

    Remember to do your research kids, if you can't return a clean screenshot how do you expect them to have any real protection.
  3. Kevinf100

    First day using CitizenHack

    I'll let Grampa know about the Reverse mouse setting bug. FPS problem happens to people, all i can say is less stuff on ESP the better. Before closing the browser wait 5 to 10 seconds before closing to allow it to send the data to the client or just keep it open and shift + tab back into the game. This may help but i don't see it helping for some people.
  4. Kevinf100

    Need Help

    I just went on there TTT server and didn't get banned. You sure it wasn't a manual ban?
  5. Kevinf100


    The hack doesn't disable screenshots it cleans them, this means you can still be screenshotted just the hack will not show up in the screenshot. You can't disable the screenshot cleaner either.
  6. Kevinf100

    TF2 Final Beta Remarks

    Vac to stroke..
  7. Kevinf100

    CHM87 Release

    Battlefield 1 is on sale. I'm not telling people to buy the game so don't take this like i am! Battlefield 1 is 64 Bit only, if you do not have a 64 bit windows do not buy it! Also please note the coders for the cheats are. Garry's Mod - Team Fortress 2 - Battlefield 1 -
  8. FairFight still takes screenshots,The BF1 Cheat takes care of em. But i guess its still not a bypass really.
  9. Kevinf100

    We got bored

  10. Kevinf100

    We got bored

  11. Kevinf100


    If i remember correctly PayPal allows you to pay with the pre-paid cards.