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  1. Yope

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    why not focus on the load plugin ?, I mean at this time CH really has an incredible basis so why not push what is in beta?
  2. Yope

    Citizen team..i love you <3

    I went to sandbox for test settings and I had a surprising confrontation against a player..I want to sincerely thank the CH team for this meeting between a citizen & another citizen, CH = the love of cheating
  3. Lolilol, the rage is there The Odium project's open supply A big thank you to citizenenhack.me for the mirroring of our lua: DDDD The problem is that we would prefer that people steal us a decent stuff to use a $ 20 worth of shit
  4. You are a diabolical god, you save 50 dollars of young naive cheaters just for the sake of bringing down that shabby cheat. For this heroic act destroying odium shit so I swear to donate $ 10 soon: D
  5. Yope

    The Jail Break Massacre

  6. Yope

    Citizen Protection

    Odium is for me one of the worst shit I've seen for a while..what will pay for this trash menu seriously? The conccurence can go get fuck> long life has Citizen \ o /
  7. Yope

    CHM91 Client Update 4

    POPOPOOOOO :3 <3<3<3
  8. Yope

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Citizen hack does not touch the lua_openscript, download an injector and a point bypass bar
  9. Yope

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    noob , use shitty lua
  10. Yope

    irl 1 tap by citizen

    ip please
  11. Yope

    CDN server Unavailable

    Ah ok ok: ') I admit that its display is confusing, a big thank you for your answer, but also for the continued implementation of this incredible hack! I am happy to become more and more a citizen =)!
  12. Yope

    CDN server Unavailable

    Hello , CDN Server back when? , I want to take citizen hack for life