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  1. First odium and now bigpackets. Citizenhack wiping out all the competition apperantly!
  2. "Oh shit we got leaked, better make it public and go along with it."
  3. Zugatti

    this shit is fucking EPIC bro

    *cough* clockwork *cough*
  4. Zugatti

    My honest Opinion V2

    For apperant reasons. It doesn't need no recoil or no spread with CW 2.0 weapons though. Just tap fire, you one shot if you hit the head anyways.
  5. Zugatti

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Doesn't matter if you have a god-like computer, citizenhack will still rape your fps. Plus your screen will be full of drawings which is not necessary if you can just select the entities you want to see. It's just generally a dumb idea.
  6. Zugatti

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    Some of us want to get to 1 fps, duhhh.
  7. Zugatti

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    It's a fix for the clockwork framework on Garry's Mod. Aimbot doesn't work in that framework, thus requiring a fix.
  8. Zugatti

    CHM91 Garry's Mod Update 2

    What is nepserver?
  9. Q-1: If Citizen Hack is able to bypass Cake! anti-cheat, does it require you to disable some options like bunny hop, aimbot etc.? Because I heard that Cake! anti-cheat also has some server-sided detection methods. Q-2: In the futures list it says that cheat has an anti-screenshot feature (I am assuming it's for plugins like serverguard where admins can take screenshots of your screen and etc.) so when an admin tries to take a screenshot of our screen does it send a blank screenshot or does it just send a screenshot without cheat visuals? Q-3: I thought silent-aim was patched in Garry's Mod, does it work? Q-4: Is switching steam accounts and IP allowed? I have a dynamic IP and I sometimes prefer to change my IP address. Thank you for taking your time!