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  1. Odium [✔] Big Packets [✔] BridgeHack [ ]
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    Citizen Plugins - gLua Loader

    Citizen Hack > Fork Hack
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    Citizen Hack Logo

    I made this short video on After Effects. Feel free to use it if you ever make a video on Citizen Hack. Click Here For Preview Click Here For Full HD Video Download (2.44 GB)
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    CHM89 Garry's Mod Update 5

    Day 564: Still no lua injector jk lol thanks for the update <3
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    First day using CitizenHack

    Quick question, why tf do you play reversed?
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    I'm a fuck ass kid

    AIMBOT: I thought the aimbot was great, and my way of finding that out was to count how many kids I got to call hacks on me before I died. ESP: The ESP, and the fact that you can set custom entities to show up in your ESP is amazing, but I tend to lag a lot with it maybe my computer is just ass tho. BUNNY HOP/STRAFER: The bunny hop worked amazingly, but unfortunately the auto strafe wasn't the best for me so I just stuck to using only Bhop (might just be me) KEYBINDS TAB: Not many people talk about this but I personally love the fact that you can change all your keybinds within the cheat. Not many other cheats have this implemented into their cheat. OVERALL: "9.5/10" Overall I would definitely recommend this cheat, as it doesn't cost alot ($20) I bought it for 1 day, and fell in love with it, but I'm too fucking indigent to buy it permanently tho. ;c