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  1. Hey is the client down cause I can't seem to download it, or am I doing something wrong? And why is it down :/

  2. Holy fucking shit Citizen Hack just evolved <Edit> Grampa and Roqj is our GOD (and the admins are angels)
  3. epicconsience203

    Brutally honest opinion.

    Everything about citisenhack is excellent ( for me ) but he only bad thing about it is the aim it tbh. Sometimes it works and doesn't works most of the time, like if I tried shooting at a player it doesn't lock onto the head and shoots where I would be looking at, and rarely t works where it locks on to the players head which is really annoying and I hope will be fixed soon
  4. epicconsience203

    Citizen Plugins - gLua Loader

    Don't mean to look like I got forced out my moms vag yesterday but what does the plugin actually mean and what does it do?
  5. epicconsience203

    CHM91 Client Update 4

    @Hudsonnn Arial Black / 18
  6. epicconsience203

    CHM91 Client Update 4

    Holy fucking shit i need to buy a condom for my computer cause its gonna be so fucking wet after this update
  7. epicconsience203

    CZ the next generation of hacking

    I literally just escaped the impossible, just got banned for suspicion of using this citizen hack, but then unbanned after posting an appeal, that's how undetected this hack is, I LOVE IT!! This shows how perfectly undetected and impossible to catch if you play your role of not hacking. It gives you an opportunity to see yourself as a regular player since there's nothing server admins can do to see if you are hacking or not, not unless you have Citizen Hack. With enough innocence given, I was still proved that I wasn't hacking even with a VAC ban on my account. Some one please make an edit on this video and replace the red guy's face with the citizen hack logo and the cross with CaC or something, it's basically the hack in a nutshell https://youtu.be/9sOa0EF4XBk?t=6m2s
  8. epicconsience203

    Purchased $20, need help

    Thank you all very much for answering my many questions, good luck on more updates to this wonderful hack.
  9. epicconsience203

    Purchased $20, need help

    Will it be verified by today or tomorrow..?
  10. epicconsience203

    Purchased $20, need help

    Hey Support group or fellow Citizens, I've been a pretty big fan of the community's work lately ever since I captured footage of the Citizen hack from Youtube. Keep up the good work! I just purchased $20 (I think) from bitcoin for the Citizen Gmod Hack, and it brought me to this Transaction Funds. I'm a little confused from this point, what do I do now..? Thanks, -epicconsience203