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    CHM94 Client Release

    so does client side no clip show when someone spectates you? im know screenshots dont show but it would seem really stupid if someone could see you do it just by spectating. thanks for answering my dumb question.
  2. canniesteagle64

    My honest Opinion V2

    OK. after using it for many hours im going to give it a much more reliable review. The aim bot is 9/10 Most of the time its 100% great with the ability to add smoothing it works very well and is undetected. The only problem i have with it is that CW 2.0 weapons do not like this aim bot. the no recoil no spread doesn't work on them. The ESP is 10/10 This thing tells you the specific weapon they are using! Its great! Also say you're playing TTT you can have it tell you whether or not the guy next to you has a knife! Is it worth $20? Definitely this hack as far as i know wont be getting patched or shut down any time soon.
  3. canniesteagle64

    this cheat is spaghetti

  4. canniesteagle64

    this cheat sucks dick v2

    T H E C L I C K B A I T H A S M E I N I T ' S G R A S P
  5. canniesteagle64

    what i think about the Gmod hack.

    my problem is when the cheat is online i have all of it turned on and when i press the button i get nothing it doesnt do anything. Is there a known solution to this?
  6. canniesteagle64

    what i think about the Gmod hack.

    I honestly think its pretty great. in the few days i have used it alot. Prop hunt, i use it to tell me where the props are hiding, aimbot doesnt really work on them... TTT, i sumtimes use it to mass rdm. but most times i use it to play normaly. you can also use it to see things like tripmines and health stations through walls. stronghold, easy to farm for money and get high multipliers. i havent been cought hacking YET. im pretty sneaky about it, it also helps that it tells me when im being spectated. so i know wen to miss shots so i look like im not hacking. the Bhop is useful but ive been kicked from a few servers for Bhoping. Only when someone sees me do it though. The ESP works great. Now here are some of the things i dont like about it. Unreliable, sometimes the aimbot doesnt work. i have it set to shoot people in the head when i hold down the button but it still doesnt work. (if you have a solution to this i would really appreciate the help) The ESP can get a bit confusing sometimes. People appear infront of menus. Example, when playing TTT chams appear in front of the T menu. when it is updating there is no way to use it, not even in private match. there is no offline mode. Thats about it though, good quality for 20$. would recommend to a friend. ALSO, the developers of this hack are very VERY devoted to making sure this hack stays unpatched and working. Keep up the good work devs. u da best (i want to hang myself after using those emojis tbh)