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  1. Finesser

    CHM94 Client Release

    What is your issue, click on support on the top of the forums and we can look into your issue some more with your slow internet problem.
  2. Finesser

    Plugins are the best things ever

    thx my duder
  3. Finesser

    Forum Update #3

    Homepage Cleaned up front page Store Removed physical address requirements in checkout Testing more payment options (Payssion) Supporting: Alipay, BankCard, PoliPayment, TrustMoney, UnionPay, Yandex.Money & Webmoney Sorry no PaySafeCard yet :( Forum Board Added a FAQ to the site, which can be found here: Updated shoutbox Added emoticons again (hopefully, they don't break and 404 in a few days) Changed forum section Added a forum section for our hacks Members can now see the game hack section but cannot enter it Top nav menu has been changed Enabled hotlink protection our CDN to More updates to come like always, enjoy. Preview of the game hack section for members:
  4. Finesser

    Questions about the hack

    Everyone owns Garry's Mod. So nope.
  5. Finesser

    Is this good?

    So "caught hacking" is not being detected. We are undetectable on zarp gaming. Some users have used the same name on the site and that is another cause for bans.
  6. Finesser

    Allowed to transfer?

    No, we do not allow that and sharing account is also not allowed.
  7. Finesser

    I really want to buy the hack but

    I don't code the garry's mod hack but i know there is screenshot proof.
  8. Finesser

    I really want to buy the hack but

    Also moved this to presale questions
  9. Finesser

    I really want to buy the hack but

    Our hack has been out for a while and yes it's trusted, ask people who use it. We bypass cac/etc and have active users playing on Santos.
  10. Finesser

    Garrys mod hack Presale

    We have a 7day trial, *hint* 20$ for lifetime won't last much longer :)
  11. Finesser

    CHM88 Update

    veryy nice