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    Destroyer of DarkRP

    Was the last server exhibotionRP? lol i mostly play on there.
  2. Lord Fr3ze

    CHM88 Garry's Mod Update 2

    How about no.First of all the Dev's are focusing on other shit that is way better than some shitty AA's that usually nobody wants just for the cause of going super obvious on servers or for shitty HVH.Fucking christ,not every cheat needs AA's,there mostly for HVH or going super obvious meaning u will get kicked faster than having it off.
  3. Lord Fr3ze

    About Payment

    Im sorry if i posted this in the wrong section but whatever,heres my real question.So,cause you can only pay with Paypal.Is there a other way to pay like Steam Cards or Paysafecards? since i dont have a Paypal yet since here in my country paypal is aged 18.It would be cool if there are other Payment methods. Regards,