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  1. why is it saying sever is offline but then when i check hear it says online


  2. Trusty

    exploit this?

    Probably not a public one
  3. Trusty

    How secure is this AMAZING cheat?

    Citizenhack is undetected by every current anti cheat. Every now and then we will find glitches that could lead to manual detentions but anything automatic is extremely rare and usually fixed the day its reported.
  4. HELLO my friend look at UR PMS my friend

  5. I bought the hack and my discord name is ImaBee

  6. Hey is the client down cause I can't seem to download it, or am I doing something wrong? And why is it down :/

  7. The one i linked you has acebot with everything it uses
  8. Make sure to use the one with all its dependency's
  9. Trusty

    Citizen Plugins - gLua Loader

    hey man thats pretty g
  10. Trusty

    Citizen Hack Logo

    Gonna use this in my new citizenhack video
  11. @godless @podneydrew Put all the 3 lua files in one and then retry it
  12. i tried it with running each one and acebot didnt work, if you put them all in one file it will
  13. nice to the odium retards who say i dumped it your autistic