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  1. Mint

    CHM94 Cheat Update

    Tbh was hoping for something more, but thanks for the update
  2. Mint

    Pretty good, but...

    1. What do you mean “aimbot blacklist”? Just use whitelist 2. Meh 3. It’s as good as it gets for the moment
  3. What if we live on after we die in a new life, we lose all knowledge of our past life.

  4. Mint

    BigRat meme

  5. You can get citizenhack to show the T’s smh
  6. He’s mad because he doesn’t want to know that his cheat is a rat
  7. Mint

    Citizen Drama

    good shit Now get bigpackets source to give another reason to laugh at them
  8. Mint

    CHM94 Client Release

    Wait so how does chm_client.exe close once injected and appears in-game?
  9. Mint

    CHM93 Client Release

    Now need a fix with people who have horrible internet connection.
  10. Mint


    Nah, buy it
  11. Mint

    CHM91 Cheat Update 7

    Wasn’t broke???
  12. you can probably tell who has the better cheat
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  14. Mint