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  1. Abslance

    Odium Eradicator

    My first time using premiere pro
  2. Abslance


    Looks good, I like the natural feeling but there is a lot of waiting time between kills.
  3. Abslance

    Updated Review

    Aimbot: 7/10 The aimbot currently destroys any player without cheats, but is somewhat disappointing for HvH. I know this isn't the focus for citizen but it needs to be said. ESP: 9/10 Visually impressive, I really enjoy the different fonts and sizes. Occasionally the chams lag a little bit, other than that I think it's great. BHOP: 10/10 No lag at all with the bhop. The auto strafe is a great addition. MISC: 10/10 All other features have been fantastic. The client side noclip and keypad code stealer are things I use every time I play. 36/40 Excellent cheat for the price, nothing else beats it.
  4. Abslance

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    If you're going to argue, please take it elsewhere.
  5. Abslance

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    Whoa guys, relax. We are all in the same boat here.
  6. Abslance

    My honest opinion

    It's pretty great *shameless self plug*
  7. Abslance

    Destroyer of DarkRP

    Probably. Two clips are from orion.
  8. Abslance

    Destroyer of DarkRP

    I had cc on hl2. Yeah it is I believe.
  9. Abslance

    Massacre Footage

    Crowd clip 36-1
  10. Abslance

    Destroyer of DarkRP

    I just noticed that now. I think I had closed caption on for some reason.
  11. Abslance

    Citizen + GModZ = $$$

    That's fucking insane @IceCold
  12. Abslance

    Fuck this is real shit

    I know that feel, I've been seeing a few other citizens recently.