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  1. Roqj

    Purchase Failed!

    Do you have enough money in PayPal?
  2. Roqj

    2 persons buying 1 cheat

    Account sharing is bannable
  3. Roqj

    Before i Buy...

    Features are here It's clientside noclip, so basically freecam but you can't physical move your player into different rooms, only your camera view.
  4. Roqj

    2 persons buying 1 cheat

    We don't have split payments available.
  5. Roqj


    Bans are individual to servers, there are no mass ban waves.
  6. Roqj

    I can not buy a cheat

    What payment method are you using? Try a different one maybe.
  7. Roqj


  8. Roqj

    Lost authentication code for old account

    PM me your account name and also provide me details to help recover, e.g. your email.
  9. Roqj


    The discount will be active for a bit.
  10. No, maybe you have a friend who can help you out?
  11. Roqj

    I forgot my password

    PM me the username of the account
  12. Roqj


    Those are all we support on our store, the best thing you can do is ask a friend with PayPal or crypto to purchase it for you.
  13. Roqj

    Topic about payment

    We don't have any plans to added WebMoney, sorry.
  14. Roqj

    To expensive for a poor australian

    It's already on sale, sorry
  15. Roqj

    Buy With Paysafecard ?

    We only support cryptocurrencies and paypal sorry.