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  1. Roqj

    aim bot

    Aimbot is working fine, we have a thread for configuring cheats for different weapon packs
  2. Roqj

    keypad stealer

    The keypad stealer is automatic, when players type in codes it will show a code above the keypad.
  3. Roqj

    Uhh i'm also wondering something else

    Our shit still works, we update when there are major issues, lately it’s been fine however we will be releasing updates soon.
  4. Roqj


    We are not detected by GAC
  5. You have no approved payments for this month, try renewing?
  6. Roqj

    How to delete an account

  7. Roqj

    I have a question

    Our lifetime is on sale for 33% at the moment, won't get it any lower for lifetime.
  8. Roqj

    Aimbot doesn't work

    Try this out
  9. Roqj

    price drop

    We have a sale going on atm, 33% off gmod lifetime
  10. Roqj

    Can't Buy Cheats

    Our PayPal system is working fine, what kind of error are you getting?
  11. Roqj

    before i buy

    We do not offer trials, sorry.
  12. Hey Citizens, Over the past couple of days we have been getting feedback from users and improving the stability of the injection process etc. As it stands now 99% of stability issues users reported have been resolved. So for anyone who has previously had issues, it should work now. If you are still having issues feel free to pm me or contact me via chatbox, and of course make sure you read as this will solved most of your problems if this is your first time using our cheats.
  13. Roqj

    DaddyEthan | Hack Review & Tutorial | CitizenHack TF2

    Nice video, I just added it to store page
  14. Roqj