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  1. Roqj

    Before i buy.

    You need to be an active Citizen to view guides on our forum
  2. Roqj

    Anti-External + CAC Bypass?

  3. Roqj

    hack gmod question

    You cannot disable spectator message.
  4. Roqj

    Before i buy.

    It depends on the weapon pack, M9K and default HL2 weapons work perfectly, however other weapon packs might have trouble being super accurate and reliable with aimbot, however we do have guides to help setting up these settings.
  5. Roqj

    just bought what do i do now

    Once the bitcoin transaction is approved you’ll be all setup.
  6. Roqj

    1 day trial

    We don't do trials, sorry.
  7. Roqj

    Help! Problem with payment!

    This is a PayPal issue, try contacting their customer support maybe.
  8. Roqj

    Kick of server with Citizen Hack?

    Our cheat is undetected, however if admins spectate or find you’re cheating they can kick you.
  9. Roqj

    Does the GMOD cheat still work?

  10. Roqj

    if i buy

    Renewals are manual
  11. Roqj

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    Ethan is not a dev for the gmod cheat, contact @Grampa if you have any problems
  12. Roqj

    Plugins built in?

    We have a forum section for plugins, this video shows a backdoor tool, which you will need to do the work yourself when you have a menu.
  13. PayPal and cryptocurrency only sorry.
  14. Hey Citizens, Over the past couple of days we have been getting feedback from users and improving the stability of the injection process etc. As it stands now 99% of stability issues users reported have been resolved. So for anyone who has previously had issues, it should work now. If you are still having issues feel free to pm me or contact me via chatbox, and of course make sure you read as this will solved most of your problems if this is your first time using our cheats.