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  1. Roqj

    buying it for Gmod

    You can buy gift cards on our store to give to other ppl
  2. Roqj

    If I get a new pc

    It's fine
  3. Roqj


  4. Roqj

    I have a problem

    Sorry we only accept PayPal and cryptocurrency
  5. Roqj

    Virtual Machines.

    Try disabling your antivirus, and check out common issue fixes at the top of the chat box
  6. Make sure you are not using a download manager and you are extracting the EXE from the ZIP file
  7. Try this and disable your antivirus
  8. Disable your antivirus Install microsoft redistribute 2012 Go to
  9. Disable your antivirus and extract the exe from the zip before running
  10. Hey all, A couple of hrs ago we released an update to address the Garry’s Mod July 2019 update which caused the game to be unstable/crash. Just open your launcher and you will inject with the latest version of our cheat.
  11. working on update, check client/chatbox
  12. Roqj


  13. Roqj

    Virtual Machines.

    It should work
  14. Roqj

    CHM - Updated TF2 Cheat

    Ethan is not a dev for the gmod cheat, contact @Grampa if you have any problems