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  1. run the hack as admin and run gmod with x64 bit binaries
  2. rogi

    Citizen hack

  3. rogi

    2k17 citizen user

    This thread gave me pancreatic cancer
  4. rogi


  5. Sound's like a problem on your end, try this thread:
  6. rogi

    Actual Testimonial, where its edited.

    Can you msg me in chatbox/pm me, we have a few new things to check out in common issue fixes thread.
  7. rogi

    Gmod x64 Support

    Could you message me and @Grampa in the chatbox or open a pm? We can help figure it out.
  8. rogi

    Gmod x64 Support

    You need to run on 64 bit.
  9. rogi

    Gmod x64 Support

    We will be adding support for more weapon packs later, but at the moment we're focusing on current feature performance.
  10. rogi

    Gmod x64 Support

    Make sure you're running gmod in x64, could you provide a screenshot to me in pms or open a thread?
  11. rogi

    Actual Testimonial, where its edited.

    nope we released 2 big updates this week along with 64 bit support
  12. rogi

    Gmod 64 bit support

    We now have 64 bit support for our garry's mod hack.