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Aimbot in itself isnt that bad, honestly its not great either, when you fight with it upclose it tends to glitch alot and that is really not nice, anyway it is really good for what it gives on long range but misses quite a bit in close range


Okay for the ESP, I dont have much to say except that its great but there is a little downside aswell, when there is quite populated server chams and basically whole esp bugs at one person or another showing that they not move until you come to them and realise they are not there and it updates, generally its great there are many options to customize it with and thats what is lovely. There is even render options to fix your FPS aswell which is just amazing from developers


There are plenty of options that other client dont have and never will, it just adds more style to your hacking so everyone loves that, It even owns clientside noclip to check if there are printers if you do not have them in entities already and just check around the bases or anything you may want


Bunnyhop is great and works smooth, makes you move to another place with ease on big maps with addition of autostrafe




Btw, if you see this, I am cute and fluffy like Roqjs dick <3

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