what i think about the Gmod hack.

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I honestly think its pretty great. in the few days i have used it alot.

  • Prop hunt, i use it to tell me where the props are hiding, aimbot doesnt really work on them...
  • TTT, i sumtimes use it to mass rdm. but most times i use it to play normaly. you can also use it to see things like tripmines and health stations through walls.
  • stronghold, easy to farm for money and get high multipliers. 
  • i havent been cought hacking YET. im pretty sneaky about it, it also helps that it tells me when im being spectated. so i know wen to miss shots so i look like im not hacking.
  • the Bhop is useful but ive been kicked from a few servers for Bhoping. Only when someone sees me do it though.
  • The ESP works great.

Now here are some of the things i dont like about it.

  • Unreliable, sometimes the aimbot doesnt work. i have it set to shoot people in the head when i hold down the button but it still doesnt work. (if you have a solution to this i would really appreciate the help)
  • The ESP can get a bit confusing sometimes. People appear infront of menus. Example, when playing TTT chams appear in front of the T menu.
  • when it is updating there is no way to use it, not even in private match. there is no offline mode.

Thats about it though, good quality for 20$. would recommend to a friend.


ALSO, the developers of this hack are very VERY devoted to making sure this hack stays unpatched and working.

Keep up the good work devs. u da best :ye:;D

(i want to hang myself after using those emojis tbh)

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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it. 

However, regarding the not being able to use it; if the cheat is offline for more than a couple of minutes, we are most likely working on a large security patch and if you had access to the cheat during this time the cheat would either not work or have a high chance of getting detected.

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my problem is when the cheat is online i have all of it turned on and when i press the button i get nothing it doesnt do anything. Is there a known solution to this?


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