CitizenHack review and FAQ for noobs

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So, to start off a friend of mine mentioned something about a hack that had a so called 'livemap' and was cac undetectable, I didn't really believe what I heard but here I am.  After a few days of use, and many hours, I present my review of this beast.


Is this truly undetectable?

Yes, Citizen is completely undetectable by all Anti cheats on Garry's Mod.  I've never had a single issue with any server detecting it expect with autobhops, which will only get you a kick in most scenarios.  In terms of a bypass, Citizen is on top with reliability.  The only way you can be broken is if you make it blatant you are hacking.  If you think the server is looking at live maps to ban people, I suggest toggling on and off live maps whenever possible to keep them on their toes, and always turn off live maps a minute or two before you leave the server or when someone else leaves.  And obviously, don't enable live map if there is less than 3 people on the server.  


Can I get VAC Banned for this?

Shut the fuck up.

To reiterate, No.


What features does Citizen offer?

Citizen offers a variety of features.  To start off, the live maps is something that isn't seen in any other cheats, and is very useful to see players positions on the map.  It also offers, Bhop, Autostrafe, Aimbot, triggerbot, smoothness, FOV adjustment, hotkeys, server depot, spectate viewer, esp, chams, entity esp, silent aim, and tons more.  It has nearly everything you need to cheat on any server.  Despite all this, it doesn't have anti aim yet, and is mostly used for legit hacking rather than HvH.  


How is the aimbot?

The aimbot is top tier, and never fails to impress.  The only complaint I have is the lack of autowall, but it doesn't change the fact that it works remarkably well.  You can use it in legit SantosRP, or ragebotting in TTT.  It is very reliable, and nearly never misses a head shot.  The customization of it is also great, considering you can adjust smoothness and FOV to change how legit you want to be.


Does it come with wallhacks?

Of course!  You can't have a cheat without them.  Citizen offers fully customizable ESP for players, NPCs, and Entities.  The entity ESP does take a while to get used to, along with whitelisting the NPCs in the entity ESP, but when you put in the effort it works like a charm.  The chams are also fully customizable, on top of everything.


Whats the point of hacking anyways?

Most people hack to enhance their skills or just to have fun.  Despite the hacks being twice as much as the game, there is margin for profit.  Many servers have an economy, and with this economy comes real money.  Many people are interested in paying real cash for things in Garry's mod servers, and an easy way to get those things is through hacks.  Farming money in DarkRP to sell for paypal?  Use aimbot to guarantee nobody ruins your plans.  It can take a long time to make any money, but it is possible.  But yet again, mostly just hack for fun ;)


How are the developers?

I haven't had any real contact with them, but from what I've seen they are very lenient and care about Citizen.  They put in effort to keep the hack up to date and provide users with most the features that are suggested.  From what I've seen on the forums they are very lenient with free trials, and the support team Is very responsive and hands on to help.  With other cheats the developers seem to just care about money, but here the users seem important to them.


Is it worth the buy?

Yes, without a doubt.  Many would argue that its Garry's mod, and it isn't worth spending the money on.  But, in my opinion, although it may be bias, it is very much so worth it.  If you are a longtime Garry's mod player like myself, you may spend hundreds to thousands of hours playing the game.  20$ Is a fraction of a cent for very hour you could play this game.  Many users are repelled by the idea of cheating, but when you have thousands of hours on a video game, it comes to a point where you just need to get an upgrade.  That upgrade is citizen.


Still not convinced?

Feel free to ask an administrator for a free trial, and they will usually gladly let you test it out for a few hours.  Trust me, its worth the 20$ :)



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Extremely detailed review, glad your enjoying it!

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