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CitizenHack is such a great piece of software! Upon launching, the program admittedly has a feature that displays itself as "offline" and immediately crashes despite the website saying the servers are online. Very undetected because the process isn't even running!

The devs pride themselves on being simplistic; its even in the tagline for CH! So much, in fact, that they have completely ditched contact with all of their consumers and made us help ourselves. By doing that, they save time and effort from what are otherwise responsibilities and duties that sellers must attend to.

This cheat has such a realistic aimbot! Rather than actually shoot at things, it mimics human activity and misses 80% of the shots. The ESP also helps you by faking lag by dropping your framerate significantly.

10/10, would buy again! I even went out to tell PayPal customer service how great this was, and asking them for my money back for putting them onto such an amazing, priceless cheat.

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