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CitizenHack review.

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So after 2 years I thought I'd finally give my opinion on this cheat.

Aimbot - It's pretty good not the best though still needs some work but I doubt that's gonna happen.
Esp - The esp is nice and simple nothing really to complain about it.
glua loader - works perfectly love that feature.
You guys are probably wondering why I'm making this review so simple well there's not much to say about this cheat.
Stability - Terrible with frequent crashes.
Detection - not a single ban on a server due to anti-cheat.

My overall opinion on this it's a great hack I love it wish they would put more time in it but it's basically dead with a few fixes every now and then so don't buy this cheat if your looking for a gmod hack it's a great hack don't get me wrong but with a dead community and no updates with new features it's really bad don't waste your money here.

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On 8/6/2019 at 4:18 AM, killmenow said:

Not sure what anti cheat they use (probably custom) but its not working on superior servers

Mine works fine in that server

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