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ROFLLMAO's Testimonial on Citizen Hack.

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Aimbot: 9/10

By far one of the best aimbots I've seen in GMod, extremely accurate at high ping & low fps and never ceases to amaze me.

Visuals: 9.5/10

Extremely good visuals, may cause FPS lag but that can be fixed with the distance of Name and Entity ESP edited, alot of options for ESP especially  if you prefer skeleton, chams, fullbright cham ect.

Bhop: 10/10

Can't really go wrong with Bhop.

Misc/Detection: 10/10

Only ever been manually banned with this hack and that was when I was being blatant. Hardly even need to setup a really legit config unless the admins are REALLY strict. Hack is never down for long and if it is its for your own safety, you'll probably never get CAC banned so enjoy it :)

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