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CitizenHack Review.

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my name is teduckin and ive had citizenhack for about 2 years now. here is my review on the gmod cheat.

aimbot (8/10)

the aimbot is nearly perfect, as on some servers where it lags it makes the aimbot a tad bit more inaccurate but I guess gmod isn't optimised that much.

esp (9/10)

the esp/visuals are pretty great. highly customizable and looks great overall. lags the game aswell, like the aimbot

extra features (10/10)

bhop, autostrafer, etc; are pretty amazing and cant get any better. downside it is that some servers kick you for bhoping too much but that's not the cheats fault by any means.

lua loader (10/10)

the possibilities are endless with the lua loader since there are multiple lua files you can execute to enhance the experience with this cheat.



great cheat, worth buying but i still do think the devs need to update it with some optimisation.

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